Criss Angel’s Theater comes alive in an immersive, interactive spectacle that rewinds time to the days before he was the Mindfreak.

AMYSTIKA conjures the fantastical and the mysterious and unleashes a visual feast of hope and triumph — proving that anything is possible when you believe in your dreams. This euphoric, enigmatic world pushes the boundaries of reality like never before as a real firestorm ignites and engulfs a human body, a tornado rages through the theater and a blizzard of snow falls so heavy it challenges the audience to see their own hands.

“No pre-show gags, no banter, no old-fashioned theatrical ceremonies,” said Dragone. “Here, you will dive into a world that will take you by storm!”

“This is a new breed of entertainment that’s beautiful, haunting, mysterious and inspiring,” said Angel. “We believe it will be an immersive utopia!”

The history-making collaboration between Franco Dragone (Mystère, “O”, Celine Dion’s “A New Day”) and Criss Angel (MINDFREAK, RAW and “The Supernaturalists”) came from a common desire to bring the audience into the show and the show into the audience. The combined vision of Dragone and Angel, coupled with the state-of-the art Criss Angel Theater, will blur the boundary between live entertainment and special effects.

“AmystikA” The Mindfreak Prequel will intrigue, excite, surprise, and amaze the entire family – completely enveloping the senses!

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