Through the years, Criss has worked tirelessly to create iconic demonstrations that will forever touch viewers around the world.

“MINDFREAK” on A&E is the most successful magic show in television history, resulting in more hours of magic during prime time than any other show! It was viewed regularly by over 100 million people per season in 90 countries. During its 6 seasons and over 100 episodes, Criss created and performed over 1,000 mind-blowing demonstrations that still amaze and astound viewers.

Prior to “MINDFREAK”, Criss created, produced, directed and starred in 3 specials: MINDFREAK, a one-hour ABC Family Channel special in 2002, SUPERNATURAL, a one-hour SyFy Channel special in 2003, and Made In Japan, a two-hour special on TBS in 2003.

Criss anticipates his future television project as he has been tirelessly creating and developing new, bigger, badder, more insane demonstrations that he confident will be his best work to date.

Criss has received numerous awards, including “Magician Of The Year” six times – more than any other magician in history. He has received the prestigious “Magician Of The Decade” and “Magician Of the Century” awards.

Criss credits his success to the millions of LOYALS worldwide, as well as, the over 5 million daily followers who connect with his message, “Anything is truly possible when you believe in the power of the mind, body and human spirit.”

To see some of his most requested MINDFREAK demonstrations check them out below.