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  1. 142857



    An impossible prediction! Predict the outcome of a random series of calculations! Learn More

  2. 2 Card Monti

    2 Card Monti


    Learn a classic card hustle with a magic twist! Two cards switch under test conditions! Learn More

  3. 2 Card Prediction

    2 Card Prediction


    The magician places two card predictions on the table, the specators choose two cards at random. As if by magic, the predictions match! Learn More

  4. 26 Cents

    26 Cents


    A penny and a quarter change places under test conditions, only to vanish a moment later! A quick trick that will leave your audiences speechless! Learn More

  5. 3 Card Monti

    3 Card Monti


    The classic street hustle, with a twist! 3 cards are shown, 2 black cards, and a red card, the money card. The cards are mixed, and the spectators are invited to bet on which card is the money card. When the other 2 cards are shown, the spectators think they have won, but when the money card is shown, it has transformed into a completely different card! Learn More

  6. Aces Anytime

    Aces Anytime


    Be able to locate all 4 aces by feel and touch alone! Learn More

  7. Balloon Card

    Balloon Card


    A regular balloon is inflated and tied by a spectator. A deck of cards is introduced, and a card is selected, remembered, and lost back in the deck, everything is fair. Suddenly, the magician pops the balloon with his bare hands, and in between his palms, from within the balloon is one card, the selection! Learn More

  8. Bill Tear

    Bill Tear


    The magician rips the middle of a borrowed bill out, and as if by magic, restores the bill! Learn More

  9. Black Sheep

    Black Sheep


    A spectator thinks of any card. The magician removes the card and places it aside. The magician shows the back of the thought of card to be one color, and the rest of the other cards, are a different color! Learn More

  10. Black Sheep

    Black Sheep


    Cause a spectator to select the only odd backed card in the deck! Learn More

  11. Blackjack Pays

    Blackjack Pays


    A coin vanishes and appears in an unexpected place! Learn More

  12. BLOW OUT



    The magician makes a coin vanish and travel THROUGH a straw. You will learn one of the most fundamental pieces of magic used by almost every professional magician. Learn More

  13. Bottle Cap Matrix

    Bottle Cap Matrix


    4 bottle caps are arranged in a square on the table. One at a time, they invisibly travel across the table, until they are assembled in one corner! A classic of magic, with good reason; this looks incredible! Learn More

  14. Card Premonition

    Card Premonition


    The magician writes a prediction and has a spectator roll some dice and that number is counted down to in a deck of cards. The card landed on matches your prediction! Learn More

  15. Card Stab

    Card Stab


    A signed card is lost into the pack and the pack is placed into a paper bag, with a swift stab of the bag, the signed card is found STABBED on the blade of the knife! Learn More

  16. Card Thought

    Card Thought


    Learn a killer card force that you can apply to virtually any card effect. Easy to do as well! Learn More

  17. Cause N Effect

    Cause N Effect


    The power of telekinesis! Be able to point to a piece of paper or dollar bill from 5 feet away and make it fall over! Learn More

  18. Choose We Lose

    Choose We Lose


    An incredible coincidence, where a selected card somehow finds its 3 mates! Learn More

  19. Christopher's Nightmare

    Christopher's Nightmare


    A classic of magic! A miniature illusion with 3 different size pieces of rope that magically turn into the same size! With a snap, the ropes transform back to their original size! Learn More

  20. Coin Assembly

    Coin Assembly


    Learn the classic coin matrix using borrowed coins and borrowed cards. Coins vanish and reappear under the same cards! Learn More

  21. Coin In Roll

    Coin In Roll


    You will learn to make a coin disappear and reappear inside a piece of bread! Learn More

  22. Coin Premonition

    Coin Premonition


    Predict the denomination and the date on a spectator’s coin! Learn More

  23. Colorblind



    Learn to read someone’s mind and reveals which crayon someone chose with your back completely turned around! Can use borrowed crayons! Learn More

  24. MASTER MINDFREAKS Vol.4 - Cut and Restored Rope

    Cut and Restored Rope


    Cut a rope into two pieces and magically make the pieces restore into one solid piece! Learn More

  25. DÉJÀ VU



    Pull a match out of a matchbook make a lit match reappear INSIDE of a match book, stuck back in! Learn More

  26. Dice Matrix

    Dice Matrix


    A classic of magic! 4 dice are placed on the table, and covered by playing cards. Magically the dice jump from underneath the cards and collect under one card! Learn More

  27. Dollar Weapon

    Dollar Weapon


    A borrowed bill is instantly turned into a lethal weapon! With one simple fold, the borrowed cash seemingly becomes as strong as steel, slicing through an ordinary pencil like butter! Learn More

  28. Electric Card

    Electric Card


    A spectator freely selects a card from the deck, returns it, and shuffles the pack. The magician introduces an ordinary light bulb, which he passes over the cards, inviting the spectator to simply focus on her card. As the light bulb passes over her chosen card, it lights up! A truly electrifying effect! Learn More

  29. Flat Line

    Flat Line


    Control your body like no one else can! Learn the abiltity to stop and start your pulse on your command! Really eerie magic Learn More

  30. Floating Coin

    Floating Coin


    Make a coin float between your hands ,using nothing but your fingertips! Learn More

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