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  1. Baruna Change

    Baruna Change


    From the mind of Mark Calabrese comes the Baruna Change! This is an incredible visual color change that happens at the fingertips. Based on the original Snap Change by Ed Marlo Mark has developed his own handlings making the move much more suitable for the real world. You get over ten minutes of detailed instruction shot with multiple camera angles so you don't miss a thing!

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  2. Got Your Back

    Got Your Back


    Masterminds Vol. 4 – Criss Angel demonstrates and teaches you the secrets to performing “Got Your Back.” Digital download. Learn More

  3. Traction



    Every card magician has been asked the same question, "can you cheat at cards?" and here is your answer! Traction is Mark Calabrese's answer to the Scarne ace cutting routine with an ending that will fry your audience. With Traction you're able to borrow ANY deck, have the spectator name any four of a kind, and you dead cut to each and every card. Get ready to show off your skills and hit them hard with a kicker ending that they won't soon forget. It's time to beef up your card work and learn some heavy duty card shark skills that will make you look like a pro! Learn More

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