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SKU: 02-52-5002-2748

Criss Angel Presents EQUILIBRIUM. BALANCE THE IMPOSSIBLE. JESSE FEINBERG HAS MADE THE IMPOSSIBLE A REALITY Featured on Criss Angel Believe Spike Series, EQUILIBRIUM offers the ability to balance borrowed objects on top of nothing more than the fragile piece of cellophane from your deck of cards! BALANCE OBJECTS LIKE: Full size drinks, Cell-phones, playing cards and much more! Combine different objects for a unique performance every time! The possibilities are endless… Your imagination is the only limit. EQUILIBRIUM uses a brand new concept in magic that will fool your spectators and leave magicians scratching their heads at the impossibility of Equilibrium. • Exciting new concept • Easy to do • Resets in seconds • Start clean - End clean! • No threads, magnets, or sticky stuff • Use borrowed objects • Never throw your cellophane away again! DVD includes gimmicks and full instructions. The secrets contained on this DVD will bring your close-up magic to the next level! Push your magic to the edge… this is EQUILIBRIUM!


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