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SKU: 02-52-5002-2752

Criss Angel Presents CASHBACK. Luke Dancy finally shares the secret he's been sitting on for over 10 years! CashBack has been used by Criss Angel on TV but now YOU have the power to perform this incredible piece of situational magic. Start out by borrowing a bill and tearing off a corner for your spectator to hold. Next you insert the torn bill into a snack vending machine and buy any snack of your choice. When the spectator opens the sealed package, to their amazement they find a torn bill inside. The ripped corner they've been holding the entire time is a perfect match! This effect will blow their mind. Join Luke Dancy as he finally tips the secret to this mind warping effect AND all the different presentations and various routines to use with the CashBack principle. - Easy To Do - Use THEIR Money! - Multiple Handlings & Routines - Works With Any Snack Machine - The SPECTATOR Opens The Snack DVD includes additional routines with chips, candy, playing cards and even a SIGNED BILL!


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